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How it Works

Step 1

Enter Prompt

Start by entering a prompt, i.e. a short description that defines the subject of the graphic. It can be anything: "elephant in a hat", "fantastic dragon" or "modern abstraction". The Stable Diffusion 3 engine will create any image for you.

Step 2

Pick Elements Amount

Once you have generated the image, choose how complex the puzzle you want. We offer a variety of options, from simple sets for beginners to more complex puzzles for advanced players.

Step 3

Receive Puzzle & Enjoy

After making your selection and finalizing your purchase, your puzzle will be printed and shipped to you. You will receive information about the estimated delivery time and a tracking number to track your shipment. Once you receive the puzzle, you can start playing!


This is an upcoming service that uses Stable Diffusion 3's advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate unique images that can be turned into puzzles. Thanks to it, you will be able to create puzzles adapted to your taste and level of difficulty.

We are working on launching our platform as soon as possible and will announce the official release date soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when the platform becomes available and to receive special offers and exclusive content.

Planned features include: image generation with Stable Diffusion 3, selection difficulty of puzzle, the option to order printed puzzles, possibility to order puzzle generated by others, a variety of image styles and themes, and an intuitive interface for users of all skill levels.

At the alpha stage of our platform, we will only offer image generation by entering prompt (text-to-image). In the future, we plan to add the option of sending your own pictures (image-to-image), which would be transformed into puzzle graphics using AI.

Yes, we currently offer shipping throughout Europe. We plan to expand our services to other regions of the world in the future. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with information about new shipping directions and announcements about expanding our offer.

Yes, our platform will have a customer service department to help you with any questions or issues. You can contact us via e-mail or the contact form on our website.